Welcome To My Pet Toad Pictures
My  Sister's Toad posing for a picture on my stuffed froggie.her name is
"Anastacia". She is only 1 inch long. She comes from Mesa Arizona. "RED-SPOTTED TOAD"
John, My Fire Bellied Toad from Japan.
Michael,My Fire Bellied Salamander from Japan.
Anastacia, My Sisters Baby  Woodhouses Toad.
This is Hopper,My Toad. Hopper likes to hop alot, So it was hard getting a picture of him staying still. Hopper is a,
"Red-spotted Toad"From Arizona.
My Sister kissing her Toad. ( He did'nt turn into her Prince charming) And Parents, she did'nt get warts!
My Toad tank.In the bottom right corner I have a small mini pond with a log in it. Its not in the picture. My toads like the water,Maybe they will lay eggs and I will have tadpoles!
The Real Wild Wild West!
Ever wonder what your frogs do when you're not home? Now you know!
"I wonder if my car will float?"
Click here for pictures of
"My Sonoran Desert Toads"