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"What are they?"
Amphibians are animals that can live on land but most need to return to water to breed.Amphibians are vertebrates and are ectothermic {cold-blooded}.The group includes Frogs,Toads, Salamanders,andNewts.
Frogs and toads are the most common amphibians.The adults have bulging eyes,a squat body,and no tail.Frogs have smooth skin and long powerful back legs with webbed feet for jumping and swimming.They normally live in or near water.Toads have a dry,warty skin and shorter legs with less webbing between the toes.They prefer to live on land,except during breeding.You can find both Toads and Frogs around water.They like Swamps,Creeks,streams,Canals,lakes or any place with water.They do not need to be aqautic to like water.Some Toads are Semi-aquatic.Mosquitos and other insects and bugs are attracted to water,So Frogs and Toads go where the food is abundant.
Did you know frogs breath through their skin as well as their lungs! To learn more fun facts Check out the page on Frog Fun Facts!
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