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Did you know: The African Giant is the largest of all frogs.It can grow to 26 inches long and weigh as much as 10 lbs.

Did you know: The Bull Frog is the largest True Frog in North can weigh up to 1.2 lbs and grow up to 18 inches long.

Did you know: Frogs have teeth on their upper jaws but none on their lower.

Did you know: Toads have no teeth.

Did you know: Toads have relatively short legs and lack the jumping ability and range of frogs.

Did you know:You cannot get warts from toads!
Tadpoles have gills and a tail, and most feed on algae and vegitation, although a few are carnivorous and may even feed on their siblings. As tadpoles mature, the tail is absorbed,lungs develop,the gills disappear,legs appear,and the adult frog form is established. Some frogs especially in the tropics, do not go through a larval phase; these frogs lay eggs, usually in damp places out of water,they hatch directly into froglets.
Did you know: the glandular secrections give some amphibians distinct odors.The Spotted Salamander and the common Toad smell of vanilla!

Did you know: Some Frogs smell of onion, and the Firebellied-Toad smells of Garlic.

Did you know: The typical amphibian often includes mucous and poison glands. The mucous glands help provide essential moisture to the body.

Did you know: The protective poison glands are quite often located in different places on different species--by the ears in certain toads,and behind the eyes of salamanders.

Did you know: The glands that produce poisons are toxic to natural enemies,such as birds and small mammals,but rarely to humans!

Do you know:
How long can Frogs and Toads live? Depends on the type. Bullfrogs can live 30 years! African clawed can live 15 years.
What do pet Frogs and Toads eat?
You can buy them at your local pet shop.I buy mine at Pet Smart. Large crickets for my toads and frogs. Small crickets for my salamander. My tadpoles eat Fish flakes or freeze dried tubifex worms that float to the bottom of my tank.
Bull Frog
Spotted Salamander
Fire-Bellied Toad