What is Camouflage?
A way of hiding or concealing an animal in its surroundings, By color and patterns.
Camouflage helps disguise an animal so that it is less visable to preditors or prey.One of the most common ways is background color matching,which may take varius forms.Many helpless animals have developed colors and markings that match their surrounings in order to hide from preditors.
Some frogs that live among green plants are often green, and some toads that live in the soil, are often earth-colored. The Green red-eyed Leaf frog camouflages itself against the trees and plants on which it lives. ( Red-eyed Leaf frog below)
The skins protective properties include the ability to change color so the Frog or Toad can hide when a preditor is nearby. certain cells under the skin alter the color so that the amphibian can blend into its surroundings. sometimes parts of the skin become brightly colored. The amphibian displays these colors to enemies to warn them to keep away. some amphibians need not change their color,Because they are already brightly colored to warn preditors away.
<-----These Frogs don't need camouflage, because they are brightly colored to warn preditors. The bright color tells the preditor the frog is poisonous.The Poison is toxic to natural enemies,such as birds and small mammals,but rarely to humans.