( Bufo Alvarius )
Sonoran Desert Toads are nocturnal, meaning they only come out at night. They are Semi-Aqutic and are the largest Toad in North America. Reaching lengths of 7" long. They are very important to the Enviroment since they have large appetites and eat anything from small rodents to mosqito's. So before you set out Poison to control these wonderfull creatures think of the health risks mosqitos and rodents carry.
WestNile Virus, Heartworm and more can be minimized by Toads!    
"Please Dont destroy these Toads they help our enviroment. "
Red-Spotted Toad
Did you know that Bull frog tadpoles can stay a tadpole for 2-3 years! The longer they stay a tadpole the larger they will grow into a bull frog!!
What do Pet Toads and Frogs eat ? CRICKETS!! Large or small Crickets sold at most pet stores. I buy mine at Pet Smart.In the Wild they eat a wide variety of insects, small fish other frogs, toads, worms, snakes, and tadpoles.