African Clawed Frog
Xenopus laevis
These frogs can live up to 8-15 years.They are aquatic. In fact they live their whole life under water! They can grow up to 7 inches long. The males are very vocal and love to sing. An aqaurium is required if you want to own one of these great pets. There are fourteen species of the African Clawed Frog, which is native to the sub-Saharan portion of Africa.I n addition to size, there are other visible differences between male and female African Clawed Frogs. During mating season, mature males develop black nuptial pads on the inside of their forearms and on their front toes (fingers). Females are more pear-shaped than males
                              FROG CARE SHEET

African Clawed Tadpole Care.
If you decide to but a baby tadpole. Remember to feed every day, but most important use bottled spring water. I tried my filtered waer from my RO system and killed the first tadpole. Dont use chlor-out either. I killed my second one too. Do use bottled water, Only use Arrowhead  Mountain Spring water and it does great. Do not change the water the first week. The tank needs to establish its ecosystem. You can add water if some evaporation occurs.You must change 1/4 of the water on the second week and every after that is ok. If you dont do this it will die. Trust me on this. Its very important to follow all these instructions so your tadpole turns into a frog. Once the tadpoles front arms develope Stop feeding. At this time the tadpole gets all its nutrition from its tail which disappears into its body.
My Tadpole is a Frog Now What?
Get a bigger tank with a lid. African Clawed Frogs should be kept in aquariums, with at least 10 gallons of water per frog. Provide the aquarium with a tight-fitting lid, since African Clawed Frogs are excellent jumpers and escape artists.
Now this is where growa frog will tell you to buy their gravel and food. Save your money. Go to Petco or Petsmart and buy an Eco tank. They are plastic tanks for Small critters like frogs,lizards,Snakes & crickets. They have a plasic lid with a smaller lid for feeding. I bought the med. size. You can add normal sized gravel and put in a small filter. I use the small disposable filter that has suction cups so it sticks on the side wall. The tank is designed for a filer to be put in or a light added. they are about 2 gallon tanks. No your Frog won't eat the gravel if you do this..... Floating food. I feed my Frog Koi food small pellets. You can also buy Cichlid food and buy the proper pellet size. My frog is big and healthy. You may thinkyou cant feed it fish food. Well what do frogs eat in the wild? Baby minnows and small fish. And these are Aquatic frogs. Plus look at the ingredients and you will seee the are all basicly the same. Yes you can have a filter. I highly reccomend one. A low Oxygen producing one. They say High Oxygen is bad for them. I have found that a Small filter will help keep the water cleaner and the frog healthier since the frog waste is filtered out of the water and not absorbed through its skin. Keep your frog out of direct sunlight. They like the water temp around 70. Your frog will soon learn to eat the pellets floating and you wont ever worry about it swallowing gravel. Plus the food is cheaper than if you were to buy it from Growa Frog. So is the Gravel And the Eco Tank. I feed my frog every other day 2-3 pellets. I change a quarter of my tank water every 2 or 3  months. My froglet is a good inch long and almost as wide :)
I hope these tips have helped you. These are my personal experiences with the African Clawed Tadpole and frog. 

These are my two new Frogs I added to my Fish tank. The picture on the right is my frog eating frozen blood worms. These are not to be confused with the Larger African clawed. How can you tell the difference? The Dwarf  Clawed frog has Webbed Front Feet. The larger species does not. If you have the larger species in a tank with small fish, It will soon eat  all of them. Put in another tank unless you want all those pretty guppies to end up as Frog chow. The two pictures below are males. You can tell because males have a white bump behind the front legs, Females do not.
Dwarf African Clawed Frogs